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Digital Signal Processing with DSP Hardware


Dr. Maciej Gratkowski


Lecture Tu. 08:15 - 09:45 Z 613

Lab Session


08:15 - 13:15

Z 613

Course SVN-Repository

Learning Content

Code Composer Studio


Ideally the student have already taken classical Digital Signal Processing Course (INF-10150-20132) but it is not a prerequisite. This course can be taken totally independently from INF-10150-20132  or in case of special interests in DSP both courses could be also taken parallel.

Learning Objectives

The student after the course:DSP Lab Equipment

Credit Requirements and Work

The final grade will be based on the laboratory problems and projects. The course will be flexibly split into lecture and lab session parts. Most of the student work will be done during the lab sessions using the C6713 DSK. There will be no homework assignments.

Examplary student projects: