Dipl.-Math. Alexander Artiga Gonzalez

Research Interests

 Powerbike Simulation Software

 Powerbike Mobile App

System Identification of Physiological Models
for Endurance Sports

Testing and data collection is done on our own cyclingsimulation software, which offers scientific precision and an accurate simulation of real-world courses. The simulation is used for validation of optimal pacing strategies computed with our physiological models. We are constantly working on improvements of the simulation and data collection tool. Current research addresses inertia simulation, mountainbike simulation (algorithms for braking in sharp curves and steep downhill sections, surface types) and feedback techniques.

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Under development...

... of Physiological Models for Endurance Sports

The individual power supply model of an athlete is the bottleneck that has hindered the design of an individual adequate feedback control system that guides him/her to perform a specific task such as to find the minimum-time pacing in a race on a hilly track.

There are two kinds of approaches to get such a model. The first model type is directly based on concepts of physiology. Another approach are black box models from the field of system identification without any relation to physiology.

We use both kinds of models for the development of whole human body models and also for modeling and prediction of important measurements as heart rate or respiratory gas which contribute to the whole body system.

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Theoretische Grundlagen der Informatik (SS 2019)
Theoretische Grundlagen der Informatik (SS 2018)
Sportinformatik (SS 2018)
Einführung in C++ (SS 2018)
Programmierkurs 1 (WS 2017/2018)
Theoretische Grundlagen der Informatik (SS 2017)
Einführung in C++ (SS 2017)
Theoretische Grundlagen der Informatik (SS 2016)
Digitale Signal Processing (WS 2015/2016)
Numerical Continuation Methods (WS 2015/2016)
Digital Signal Processing (WS 2014/2015)
Digital Signal Processing with DSP Hardware (WS 2014/2015)

since 05/2015Research assistant, Department of Computer and Information Science, University of Konstanz
12/2013Diplom thesis: Lokale Meinungsdynamiken, Fixpunkt- und Konvergenzanalyse
08/2012 - 06/2013Research master student, PhD Program in Computer and Information Science, Universität Konstanz
10/2003 - 05/2015Studies of mathematics and computer sciences at the University of Konstanz

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