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Multimedia Signalverarbeitung

In this seminar we cover topics relevant to the current Bachelor, Master, and PhD projects in the Multimedia Signal Processing Group.

Time: Tuesdays, 14:15 - 15:45
Location: Z 613

Speaker Title Abstract Slides
Kongfeng Zhu How to measure loss of texture
10.05.11 Shujun Li DCT coefficient recovery based method
17.05.11 Roman Byshko Generation of metametric colors
24.05.11 Juan-Carlos Quintana Evaluation of pedalling motion
31.05.11 Marwa Abd El-Hack Building generalization through common feature extraction from imagery
07.06.11 Thorsten Dahmen Optimal control for the Powerbike project
14.06.11 Igor Zingman Object recognition from satellite images
21.06.11 Elena Iakovleva

Robustness of half-toning algorithms &

point process spectral analysis

28.06.11 Junaid Jameel Ahmad Building of Multimedia Security Applications in the MPEG RVC Framework.
05.07.11 Torsten Hädrich Sound & Interaction
12.07.11 Rajib Ahsan tba