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Seminar: Multimedia Signal Processing, Winter Term 2010/11

In this seminar we cover topics relevant to the current Bachelor, Master, and PhD projects in the Multimedia Signal Processing Group. In addition we will have presentations on other current work of the group Multimedia Signal Processing. For questions, please contact Thorsten Dahmen.


19.10.10 Preliminary Meeting
26.10.10 Elena Iakovleva Modeling of the Noises in the Printing Process and Developing Stable Halftoning a Stable Halftoning Algorithm for Digital Images
02.11.10 canceled
09.11.10 Roman Byshko Visualization Problems in Powerbike Project
16.11.10 Shujun Li Breaking Undercover: Exploiting Design Flaws and Nonuniform Human Behavior
23.11.10 Kongfeng Zhu Motion Blur Measurement
30.11.10 Shujun Li Breaking E-Banking CAPTCHAs
07.12.10 ----- Group Meeting
14.12.10 Thorsten Dahmen Compensation of Limitations of Bicycle Ergometers for Realistic Race-bike Simulation
11.01.11 Stefan Wolf Optimization of Pacing Strategy with Race Biking
25.01.11 Junaid Ahmad RVC-CAL based Crypto Tools Library (CTL) and its application in Joint Multimedia Encryption-Encoding (JMEE)
Fri 18.02.2011
11:15 am
Ivan Osman
Wed 23.02.2011
16:15 am
Rajib Ahsan An Overview of a Video Quality Assessment System