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Multimedia Signalverarbeitung

In this seminar we cover topics relevant to the current Bachelor, Master, and PhD projects in the Multimedia Signal Processing Group.

Time: Tuesdays, 16:15 - 17:45
Location: Z 613

MMSP Seminar WS 2011/12

Introduction and Scheduling
25.10.11 Xingpeng Zhang Compressing encrypted images
01.11.11 holiday
08.11.11 Manuel Knitza Design, Calibration, Implementation and Validation of an Individual Physiological Power Model for Bicycle Racing (Bachelor Thesis)
15.11.11 Andrey Galochkin Paper Review on Numerical Online Optimization
22.11.11 Roman Byshko State-of-the-Art for Generation of Metameric Colors
29.11.11 Igor Zingman Silvretta Historica: Acquired Data and Steps Toward the Identification of Archaeological Objects
06.12.11 Juan Carlos Quintana
Analysis of Pedaling Kinematics
13.12.11 Junaid Ahmad

Secure Platform-Independent Computing in the MPEG RVC Dataflow Programming Framework

Practice talk for Dissertation proposals
10.01.12 Kongfeng Zhu

Objective Method for Evaluating of Texture Preserving Capability of Digital Camcorders

17.01.12 Thorsten Dahmen Design of Inertial Compensation for a Bicycle Simulator
24.01.12 Rajib Ahsan Visual Noise Analysis for Commercial Camcorders
31.01.12 Dietmar Saupe Modeling of Sport Performance
07.02.12 Philipp Ziemer Design of a Multispectral Imaging System (Master Project)