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Seminar Multimedia Signal Processing


In this seminar we cover topics relevant to the current Bachelor, Master, and PhD projects in the Multimedia Signal Processing Group. In addition we will have presentations on other current work of the group Multimedia Signal Processing.


Time: Tuesdays, 15:15 - 16:45
Location: Z 613

The preliminary program below may be changed to accommodate additional talks by visitors and students.


Date Speaker Title Remark


 all  organization of the seminar  
 29.04.14  Juan Quintana  Extracting angular acceleration from pedaling motion using motion data and video  
 06.05.14  Juan Quintana  LaTeX and Beamer package introduction  
 13.05.14  Weihao Li  Machine learning for activity recognition  
 20.05.14  Dietmar Saupe  Saliency map estimation from eye-tracking paths  

 Maciej Gratkowski

 Yu-Chung Wang

 DSP for medical devices 

 Low pass filtering with adaptive cutoff frequency



 03.06.14  Le Duan  Texture classification with local binary patterns  IZ
 10.06.14  Chengqing Li  Network analysis of the state space of chaotic maps in digital domain  

 Roman Byshko

 Elisabeth Stühler

 Personalized colorimetry and  adapting color appearance to the illumination conditions

 Dementia-related features in longitudinal MRI: tracking key points over time


 Kongfeng Zhu

 Qaiser Jamal

 Entropy estimation of natural scenes based on optical flow

 Feature extraction for activity recognition



 01.07.14  -  -  WCCS

 Igor Zingman

 Jiande Sun

 Feature detection from local energy

 Introduction to visual information processing (visiting researcher lecture)




 Imran Mehmood

 Masud Rana

 Accelerometer based gait analysis

 Face recognition using class specific linear projection





 both planned talks cancelled


Topics for student presentations

The following table lists topics that can be chosen for presentations.


Papers Advisor

Accelerometer-based gait analysis (taken)

pdf, pdf Juan Quintana

Introduction to compressive sensing (taken)

pdf, pdf Maciej Gratkowski

Feature extraction for activity recognition (taken)

pdf, pdf Weihao Li

Dynamic programming solution for optimal control

pdf Dietmar Saupe

Dynamical degradation of digital chaotic maps

pdf Chengqing Li

Image registration based on the Lucas–Kanade method (taken)

pdf Kongfeng Zhu

Texture classification with local binary patterns (taken)

pdf Igor Zingman

Face recognition using class specific linear projection (taken)

pdf Igor Zingman



Requirements for obtaining ECTS credits for this seminar are:

  1. regular attendance at the weekly seminar
  2. self-study of one or more scientific papers on selected topics
  3. oral presentation of 45 minutes including discussion
  4. written essay on the subject of the presentation (about 10-20 pages, typeset, electronic submission as one pdf)

Deadline for the written presentation is September 10, 2014.

Resources regarding essays in computer science

  1. Gordon Baxter, Jon Lewis, and Ishbel Duncan, What is a technical essay? (Feb, 2009)
  2. Renee Miller, Computer science writing, (July, 2001)
  3. Jakob E. Bardram, Writing a (computer science) paper, (2007)
  4. IParadigms, Plagiarism 101 (2014)