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Digital Image Processing


Franz Hahn



Lab Session



15:15 - 16:45

13:30 - 15:00

Z 613

Z 613



Course works and credits

There will be theoretical exercises and programming exercises which are a requirement for taking the final exam. The final grade will only be based on the exercises, programming and the final exam at the end of the semester. The date of the final exam is TBA.


None, if taken as a master course. If taken as an advanced course in the bachelor program:

  • basic math courses offered in our bachelor programs
  • algorithms and data structures
  • introduction to computer science including programming

Lecture Slides

Lecture 1


Lecture 2 18.04.2016
Lecture 3 25.04.2016
Lecture 4 02.05.2016
Lecture 5 09.05.2016
Lecture 6 20.05.2016
Lecture 7 23.05.2016
Lecture 8
Lecture 9
Lecture 10 13.06.2016
Lecture 11 20.06.2016
Lecture 12 27.06.2016
Lecture 13 04.07.2016

Lab Experiment

  • Lab1: RGB component display

    • Write the Matlab code for RGB component display with its own color, not gray.

  • Lab2: Gray level transform

    • Write the Matlab code for arithmetic operation on images, spatial transform (bit-planar slicing, inverse, logarithm)

  • Lab3: Edge detection

    • Write the Matlab code for edge detection operators (e.g. Sobel) and compare with function in Matlab.

  • Lab4: Histogram and histogram equalization

    • Implement histogram equalization in matlab code.

  • Lab5: Noise and image filtering

    • Generate Gaussian, impulse, uniform noisy images and filtering images with mean, median, max-min filters

  • Lab6: Color space conversion

    • Write a code for RGB to Gray, RGB to CMY, RGB to HSI

  • Lab7: JPEG compression

  • Lab8: Morphological operation

    • Implement opening, closing, dilation, erosion in Matlab code

Lab Sheets

  Date Due
Lab Sheet 1 20.04.2016


Lab Sheet 2 27.04.2016 03.05.2016
Lab Sheet 3 04.05.2016 10.05.2016
Lab Sheet 4 11.05.2016 17.05.2016
Lab Sheet 5 25.05.2016 31.05.2016
Lab Sheet 6
09.06.2016 15.06.2016
Lab Sheet 7 15.06.2016 28.06.2016
Lab Sheet 8 06.07.2016 12.07.2015

Please submit your solutions as Latex-generated PDFs via e-mail to franz.hahn(at) and attach any matlab code. 



Matlab Access

University of Konstanz is a member of the state-wide Matlab agreement. University staff as well as students may use the software including all tool boxes for non-commercial, academic research and education. The software may be used on university workstations as well as on private computers. More information can be found on State-wide Matlab agreement page.

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