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Seminar Multimedia Signal Processing


In this seminar we cover topics relevant to the current Bachelor, Master, and PhD projects in the Multimedia Signal Processing Group. In addition we will have presentations on other current work of the group Multimedia Signal Processing.


Time: Tuesdays, 15:15 - 16:45
Location: Z 613

The preliminary program below may be changed to accommodate additional talks by visitors and students.

Date Speaker Title Remark
Oct 22  Chengqing Li  When crytanalysis meets image processing: Perspective of a crytanalysist  
Oct 29  Juan Quintana  Estimation of pedal force variation from pedal motion in cycling  
Nov 05  Roman Byshko  Introduction to color spaces  
Nov 12  Igor Zingman Detection of archaeological sites in high resolution remotely sensed imagery. An overview of ongoing project.  
Nov 19  Roman Byshko  Generation of natural reflectance spectra  
Nov 26  Radim Tylecek, Prague  Regular structure models for object detection in images  
Dec 03  Weihao Li  Introduction to activity recognition using wearable sensors  
Dec 10  Maciej Gratkowski  Senor fusion at the Powerbike  
Dec 17  Kongfeng Zhu  Introduction to video quality assessment  
Jan 07  Dietmar Saupe  Applications of mathematical modeling of road cycling  
Jan 14

 Felix Hamborg

 How to detect lines and rectangles in images  
Jan 21

 Deepika Banakar

 Madhurima Singh

 Observer variability in four-primary color displays
 A combined corner and edge detector 
Jan 28

 Thomas Hepp

 Nitin Sharma

 Mathematical morphology - a useful set of tools for image analysis

 Evolving pacing strategies for team pursuit track cycling

Feb 04

 Waqar Detho

 Waleed Abrar


 Subjective video assessment

 Extraction of edges and straight lines

Feb 11

 Yao Zhang

 Le Duan

 Cycling pedal movement acceleration measurement based on images of pedalling motion

 Application of Gaussian mixture models to image segmentation



Requirements for obtaining ECTS credits for this seminar are:

  1. regular attendance at the weekly seminar
  2. self-study of one or more scientific papers on selected topics
  3. oral presentation of 45 minutes including discussion
  4. written essay on the subject of the presentation (about 10-20 pages, typeset, electronic submission as one pdf)

Deadline for the written presentation is Feb. 28, 2013. No exceptions.