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Winter Term 2015/2016


Digital Signal Processing

LectureMo.10:00 - 11:30Z 613Dietmar Saupe 
 Th.10:00 - 11:30Z 613Dietmar Saupe


Lab SessionTu.11:45 - 13:15Z 613Alexander Artiga Gonzalez 
Numerical Continuation MethodsLSF
LectureTh.13:30 - 15:00Z 613Dietmar Saupe
Lab SessionMo.11:45 - 13:15Z 613Alexander Artiga Gonzalez

Digital Signal Processing with DSP Hardware

LectureTu.08:15 - 09:45Z 613Maciej Gratkowski 
Lab SessionWe.10:00 - 13:15Z 613Maciej Gratkowski 

Seminars and Colloquia

Sport Informatics



Wed. 21.10.201517:00 - 18:30Z 613Dietmar Saupe / Sven Kosub 
Wed. 28.10.201517:00 - 18:30Z 613Dietmar Saupe / Sven Kosub
Thu. 11.02.201615:15 - 18:30Z 613Dietmar Saupe / Sven Kosub
Fri. 12.02.201615:15 - 18:30Z 613Dietmar Saupe / Sven Kosub

Practical human electrophysiology and brain-computer interfaces


SeminarMo.10:00 - 11:30ZPR 108Sarang Dalal / Maciej Gratkowski


Topics for Bachelor and Master theses