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Practical human electrophysiology and brain-computer interfaces


Dr. Sarang Dalal

Dr. Maciej Gratkowski


Seminar Mo. 10:00-11:30 ZPR 108

The seminar takes place at the Zentrum für Psychiatrie Reichenau!



The course will be conducted in tandem with the course “Experimental techniques in neuropsychology” (PSY-10390) conducted by Dr. Christian Wienbruch. Students wishing to complete a research project for more ECTS credits should register for both courses.

New equipment will be acquired for the course. In case of interest in participating, please send an e-mail to or so that the hardware can be ordered in advance.

Learning Content

  • principles of bioelectromagnetism

  • physiological basis of EEG, EMG, ECG, EOG, ERG.

  • basic hardware principles of biopotential amplifiers

  • evoked potentials

  • neural oscillations

  • basic biomedical signal processing tools (digital filters, ICA, PCA, statistics)

  • brain-computer interface (BCI) design and applications

  • ethical and safety issues


Laboratory projects:

  • design simple experiment with EEG, EMG, or ECG (e.g., resting alpha waves, sleep waves, EMG of arm movements, etc.)

  • basic processing / analysis of data

Learning Objectives

The student after the course will:

  • have an understanding of biology and physiology

  • is able to describe routine clinical electrophysiological monitoring procedures

  • is able to design and conduct simple electrophysiological experiments

  • is able to identify and solve any noise interference during measurements

  • understands electrical safety principles applicable to electrophysiological measurements

  • is able to analyze and interpret data from experiments

  • is able to communicate findings and interpretations in an effective laboratory report

Credit Requirements and Work

The course consists of 2 hours of seminar sessions per week. The final grade will be based on class presentations/demonstrations, attendance, and in the case of dual registration with “Experimental techniques in neuropsychology” (PSY-10390), the quality of their research project and written report.


  • Bioelectromagnetism - Principles & Applications of Bioelectric & Biomagnetic Fields, Jaakko Malmivuo & Robert Plonsey, Oxford University Press, New York, 1995 Link