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Data Compression


In this seminar we cover topics relevant to the current Bachelor, Master, and PhD projects in the Multimedia Signal Processing Group.

  • Image and video quality assessment: Nowadays, multimedia data are ubiquitous. You take pictures and videos with your camera and camcorders everyday. Have you thought about how you can judge the perceptual quality of the pictures and videos you made and how good your camera/camcorder is? In this seminar, we will discuss algorithms for image and video quality assessment, especially for the purpose of assessing performance of digital cameras and camcorders. The following aspects of perceptual quality are of interests: blur/sharpness, noise, color fidelity, resolution, geometric distortions, blockiness, ringing, frame dropping and freezing, and so on. Topics will be related to our ongoing VQA Project in the SFB TRR 161. The webpage for a previous seminar on this topic is here.
  • We also discuss crowd sourcing applications not only for multimedia quality assessment, but also for other purposes like social experiments and employing methods of psychometrics for the data analysis. 
  • Powerbike: Acqusition, analysis and visualization of performance parameters in endurance sports like road cycling are researched in the Powerbike project. We study relevant publications from this area of computer science in sport. Topics will be related to our ongoing DFG Project Powerbike.




Fr. 10:00 - 11:30 Z 613

Date Title Speaker
10.10.16 Internal discussion about topics for the seminarDietmar Saupe

Introduction to the seminar and organizational matters

Introduction to IQA

Dietmar Saupe

Mohsen Jenadeleh 


Multiple Incremental and Decremental Learning of One-Class Support Vector Machine and its applications

Hanhe Lin
11.11.16 Introduction and progress report of VQA projectVlad Hosu
18.11.16Internal discussion about research paper writingDietmar Saupe
25.11.16 Internal discussion about VQA project Franz Hahn
02.12.16Internal discussion about VQA projectFranz Hahn
09.12.16 Amplified Perception Vlad Hosu
16.12.16 VQA project progress report Dietmar Saupe
13.01.17 Overcoming Calibration Problems in Pattern Labeling with Pairwise Ratings: Application to Personality Traits Dietmar Saupe


Introduction the LaTeX Beamer package for presentation slides

How to make a presentation with Latex - Introduction to Beamer,

LaTeX/Presentations, Wikibooks.

Soft skills: How to present a paper and how to write a seminar report

S. P. Jones, Microsoft Research,  How to write a great research paper, Research skills module, video, Cambridge University, UK, 2012.

T. Kovacs, P. Flach, Written Communication, Critical Assessment, and Avoiding Plagiarism, Learning resources, University of Bristol, UK.

U. Waldmann, How to give seminar talks, MPI Saarbrücken, 2008.

Guidance Notes on Plagiarism, School of Computer Science, University of Birmingham, UK.

William Strunk, Jr., Elements of Style, 1920. Online version.

Donald E. Knuth, Tracy Larrabee, and Paul M. Roberts, Mathematical writing, §1 Minicourse on technical writing. Lecture notes for CS 209, Stanford University, 1987.