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Eye Tracking: Theory and Practice


LectureMi.10:00 - 11:30Z 613
PracticalFr.13:30 - 15:00Z 613


None, if taken as a master course. If taken as an advanced course in the bachelor program:

  • basic math courses offered in our bachelor programs
  • algorithms and data structures
  • introduction to computer science including programming

Knowledge in Matlab is advisable.


Course works and credits

Credit will be given based on a presentation of an experimental study using our eye tracking system. The presentation should include the theoretical foundations, the design of the experiment, the data analysis, and the visualization of the results. In addition a written report containing this material must be provided.

The participation in the practical is necessary to proceed with the experimental study. It is partly used to help with problems that have been encountered and discuss challenges and how to solve them.

Lecture Slides

Lecture NumberTopicDate

History of Visual Attention 

Lecture 1Human Visual System28.10.2016
Lecture 2Eye Tracking Studies02.11.2016
Lecture 3Data Recording04.11.2016
Lecture 4Data Processing09.11.2016
Lecture 5Areas of Interest11.11.2016
Lecture 6Attention Maps16.11.2016
Lecture 7Scanpaths23.11.2016
Lecture 8Movement Measures30.11.2016
Lecture 9Position Measures14.12.2016
Lecture 10Other Masures21.12.2016



Practical Assignments

Exercise NumberTopicSource CodeAdditional DataSolutionDate
Exercise 1

I-DT Algorithm 

Download[1] [2] [3][4][5]SolutionSolution from class, calcDispersion Solution11.11.2016
Exercise 2I-VT AlgorithmDownload see above([2] from above) [1]Solution, Solution from class25.11.2016

Matlab Access

University of Konstanz is a member of the state-wide Matlab agreement. University staff as well as students may use the software including all tool boxes for non-commercial, academic research and education. The software may be used on university workstations as well as on private computers. More information can be found on State-wide Matlab agreement page.

To use the latest Matlab version, download it here.

Literature / Weblinks

  • Kenneth Holmqvist, Marcus Nystrom, Eye Tracking: A Comprehensive Guide to Methods and Measures, Oxford, 2012.
  • Andrew Duchowski, Eye Tracking Methodology Theory and Practice, second Edition, Springer, 2007.