B.Sc. Oliver Wiedemann

I'm a Ph.D. student working on adaptive video compression algorithms, machine learning and concepts of image quality.

More information about my research interests, teaching experience and vita below.

Research Interests

Smarter Resource Allocation

Video streams are ubiquitous in our modern world. High quality multimedia already constitutes a major part of today's network traffic and the growing demand for e.g. 4/8K and VR resources indicates a need for improvement in video compression. This project aims to identify what's really important in video data in order to optimize the bit allocation scheme throughout a stream  such that higher compression rates can be achieved without reducing the perceived quality for the end user.



2018 SummerTutorial: Deep Learning Programming
2015/2016 WinterTutorial: Systems Programming (PK3)


since 2018Ph.D. Student at the Multimedia Signal Processing Group,
University of Konstanz.


B.Sc. in Computer and Information Science. Thesis Title:
"Local No-Reference Image Quality Assessment Using Convolutional Neural Networks"

Research Assistant, Multimedia Signal Processing Group,
University of Konstanz.

Bachelor Studies in Computer and Information Science,
University of Konstanz. 


Abitur with specialization in Physics, Computer Science and History.
Martin Gerbert Gymnasium, Horb am Neckar.

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