Konstanz 3D Model Repository

The use of 3D models in many industrial and cultrural regions increased rapidly in recent years. But to acquire complex objects achieving precise and realistic models is still a complex task. Explicit kowledge of the 3d scanning pipeline and experience in this field are neccesary to obtain detailed and accurate results.

The Multimedia Signal Processing Group at the University of Konstanz is interested in accurate acquisition and precise digital reproduction of contemporary objects and pieces of cultural heritage.

The use of our models is free. It is not allowed to use the objects in any commercial way. Please read our copyright notice.

The models presented in the repository are scanned with a Minolta VI-900 scanner. The range maps are aligned with the standard ICP Algorithm of the Rapidform 2004 Software package. After the complete registration process the multiple point sets are merged and triangulated to one single mesh. All obtained meshes are hole-free. The models are available in the basic PLY, VRML and QSplat format.

The model Imperia is available also in a textured version. The registration of the images was done by TexAlign2, software of the VC Group of the CNR Pisa (Italy). The stitching and blending process was done using the Weaver method, also product of the VC Group. The set of calibrated photographs and also the generated texture for the model are available in the Imperia section.

In the next step, we plan to investigate certain novel approaches for achieving high-fidelity and high-quality 3D shape models using laser range scaners.

For further information about the models please contact Dietmar.Saupe@uni-konstanz.de

Other model repositories

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Visual Computing Lab - ISTI CNR Pisa

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High resolution models with high quality surface information.