Submission / Registration / Payment

Submitting a title/abstract

To submit a proposal for a presentation please send an E-mail until April 18, 2019.

Re: SVCP 2019 - Proposal for presentation

Name (last, first): _____________
Institute/University: _____________
Title of talk/poster: _____________
Abstract (≤100 words): _____________
Preference talk/poster: _____________

Notifications of acceptance for the proposed presentations will be given until April 25, 2019.


Registration for the Summer School is by E-mail and open until April 30, 2019. The registration fee includes the accommodation either in a single room (total of EUR 350) or in a twin room with two beds (total of EUR 270). When registering for a twin room please indicate the name of the person to share with. If you do not have someone to share with, please indicate that and we will try to find someone.

If you like to bring along an accompanying person, the same fees apply for the additional person, including accommodation and both dinners.

We also have one regular double room (queen size bed). To register for that, please send an E-mail.

The registration fee for participants from the University of Konstanz is EUR 100 and includes everything as above except accommodation.

Template for E-mail registration:

Re: SVCP 2019 - Registration

Registration for SVCP 2019 Summer School, June 17-19, 2019
Name (last, first): _____________
Institute/University: _____________
Registration fee [delete the options not chosen.]
- Single room: EUR 350.
- Sharing twin room: EUR 270. Sharing with __________
- Only for participants from Univ. of Konstanz : EUR 100


After registration please make your payment of the registration fee to the bank account of  the University of Konstanz. The registration fee must be received by the University of Konstanz until May 17, 2019.

Bank account details:

Account Holder: Universität Konstanz
Bank Name: BW-Bank Konstanz
IBAN: DE92600501017486501274
Reference: SVCP 2019

Please pay by bank transfer to the above account . In case you cannot arrange for the bank transfer we can also accept credit card payments using this form. Please use "SVCP 2019" in the field "Meeting".

The registration fee covers:

  • Coffee breaks mornings and afternoons
  • Mensa lunch ticket Tuesday
  • Dinner on Monday at the Constanzer Wirtshaus with drinks included
  • Social event on Tuesday (boat ride, Mainau Island tour, buffet dinner with water provided, city bus)
  • Hotel room including breakfast (ibis Konstanz Hotel) 
  • Organizational costs of the summer school