Deep Learning Programming

This course provides an introduction to deep learning and emphasize deep learning programming. Students will learn about neural network, convolutional neural networks, recurrent neural networks, autoencoders, hyperparameter tuning, regularization, optimization, and more. Theoretical aspects will be detailed throughout the course, but more complicated issues such as proofs of relevant theorems/schemes will not be presented. The contents of the course will be covered by lectures and lab sessions of python/keras programming

This practical programming course covers

  • Deep neural networks
  • Convolutional neural networks
  • Hypterparameter tuning, regularization, optimization
  • Transfer learning
  • Recurrent neural networks
  • Autoencoder
Lecture in ZEuS Exercise in ZEuS


None, if taken as a master course. If taken as an advanced course in the bachelor program:

  • python programming
  • basic math courses offered in our bachelor programs
  • algorithms and data structures

Course works and credits

Credit will be given based on solving assignments and completing a final project. Students are required to use their laptops to solve assignments in lab session. Credit will be given based on two parts: a oral presentation (30%) and a technical report (70%, up to 4 pages with IEEE conference template). The presentation should include motivation, data collection, design of the framework. The technical report should include the framework you implement, analysis of experimental results.



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Face recognition

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Style transfer

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